Funniest Epic Prank
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26 Responses to “Funniest Epic Prank”

  1. wtf!! thats was amazing

  2. What the hell is an Obama phone?

  3. Dude where can i find more of these?

  4. thats awsome but you have to make like you robed something of him and see wht his gonna do after a few minute

  5. wew lad, popping the glock watching niggers drop.

  6. Which is background soundtrack bro????

  7. What is the name of the tune in the end ?


  9. damn, id shit myself hahahaha

  10. Make another epic fight me prank

  11. hate it when people say "your on a prank show man your on TV" this isnt fucking TV and you will never make it to TV you fuckin pricks

  12. This was a good one….

  13. this prank was done before

  14. pls do this agian!!

  15. Holy shit niggers turned on niggers the fuck is this

  16. i was not expectingthat XD

  17. YEA NIGGAS!!!!

  18. People say blacks are vicious but these guys are so nice they are funny and kind and nice enough to help. Dont worry the people that r black ik ur not all bad tons of u r so kind ur amazing

  19. What means "tho"?

  20. stop taking credit for other peoples pranks 

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