This guy met a Nigerian woman online, and is dying to finally meet his ‘true love’. I called him up as a Nigerian filmmaker that wants to fly him out and document the experience.
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43 Responses to “Finding Love in Nigeria Prank (African Accent)”

  1. Whatup notification squad!! It's finally here! The first full prank featuring the African character Alexander 😀 More than anything, I wanted to try to help this guy finally get to Nigeria by raising awareness, you can check out his GoFundMe here – I still got some more work to do to perfect that character haha, but you guys have been begging me to release another prank featuring him!! Thanks for all your continued love and support on the channel, let me know what kind of African prank you'd want to hear next 🙂

  2. Dude this guy honesty is such a nerd

  3. Idk if it was me but i dont think the accent was that good compared to the others…maybe thats couse your white but yeah

  4. Psst. He took it down

  5. Heard him in the racist prank so voice actor is new to me but sick voice still

  6. This is hilarious hahah bruddah to bruddah

  7. I love the new character!

  8. Omfg….holy shit my heart fucking stoped I started the video with headphones full volume fck me dude and my headphones a loud as fck

  9. if this is real, this is greatly hilarious.

  10. This isn't a Nigerian accent.

  11. That accent was so good please make it a character

  12. I'm digging the new voice

  13. the page has been taken down now, guess it was a scam

  14. 5ft is very tall. yes.

  15. Sounds like Abdu and Rakesh and if your trying to go for a nigerian accent you need to sound a little aggressive in your voice and watch some nollywood to help you or watch african comedians

  16. Alexander is fucking awesome! I was laughing so hard at the voice that I could barely hear the call. That motherfucker is a keeper! BRUDDA TO BRUDDA

  17. Call a BassPro aa Billy and ask the employees if they want to be your fishing buddy because Billy has no friends.

  18. Nope! you Sound like someone from Kenya, Ghana or South Africa Not Nigeria. And the Abdu Accent is very Obvious.

  19. Alexander's "Brudda to Brudda" is like Tyrone's "Hu-Dayum!"

  20. He's so desperate to go LMFAOO

  21. i think you should make a girls voice

  22. Sounds more like Congolese accent (not African) because nobody says a European accent am I right?

  23. Chris Instagram : @risky687
    His gold digger : @nuella305

  24. secret advisement of badoo

  25. what about the rest of the .3 mil

  26. The link to Chris' campaign doesn't work

  27. That's a dick move

  28. One of the few prank channels I love

  29. Hey Russel can you please do another one of those omegle video 🙂

  30. I just have to wait for the long lost Nigerian prince cousin prank.

  31. Ownage you should go to xfactor and i think you will win for your voices

  32. Call my friend he like you please and he number is 0997094144 please call

  33. It seems like your audience has changed a lot since when I first subscribed. I subscribed because your earlier videos were hilarious, but now they are weird. Unsubscribing

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