A bunch of escorts have been advertising in the ‘relationships’ section of Backpage because the ‘escorts’ section of that website has recently been taken down. I called up a bunch of escorts as a clueless guy looking a date.

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10 Responses to “Finding a Girlfriend on Backpage (Escorts) – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite recent pranks, the reactions in this are amazingggg. Do you guys think I should do another compilation of calls to escorts who specify “no AA”? Always fun to switch in and out of voices and confuse the hell out of people 😀 Share this prank around on social medias if you dig it!!

  2. TruthLoverofgod says:

    wtf is up with these whores not wanting to fuck young black men ? idk if i should be happy or offended lol. there so fucking stupid cause if you do some research its mainly white men who kill whores after sex and before lol dumb motherfuckers .

  3. SogMosee says:

    I didn’t respect this woman until she said she was vegan.

  4. Nicholas Pesch says:

    “Yes baby, they’re all natural…”

  5. Fredrik Nilsson says:

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