We close out the month with a brand new monthly compilation of the BEST FAILS of MAY 2017. Featuring stupid stunts, parkour fails, girls getting owned, home video bloopers, kids fails, gymnastic fails, motorcycle tricks gone wrong and more funny viral clips and moments caught on tape.

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29 Responses to “Fails of the Month: May 2017 – Epic Fails Compilation | Funny Vines”

  1. 7:00 That's even worse than staying in your house eating cakes, man

  2. 5 ads in a 12 minute video

  3. the part when the dog got hurt was not funny like if you agree

  4. 4:12 O_O I hope he's gonna be a good brother

  5. 0:54 THAT MY TOWN!!!0

  6. Sometimes gravity just plain sucks.

  7. if GTA was realistic

  8. this is so mean people acutally think it is funny if something like this happened to you would you like if people laughed at you

  9. I think I found Lebron James 9:47

  10. Try not to laught haha I will when this aww dang it I laughed before ending this sentence

  11. the one at 0:55 had me rolling oml

  12. Some people like seeing their shit get destroyed to get some views

  13. Wow. I thought jeeps were great vehicles. Now my mind has been changed. Thank you for this unedited crash test! 🙂

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  16. HAHAHAHA!! This gets me through my work days!!! Thank you funny vines!! Keep em comin! oxox

  17. 1k like c: XD lol

  18. dude thats is bsd wath srenposeimg thsi dud why tell me ok

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  20. 9:32 I love how you could hear a train when the kid falls

  21. Help can somebody tell me the name of this song 07:57

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