Yee-haw! Hey there city slickers and country folk! We have a special compilation for you. Today we have a face off between living life in the city and living life in the country? Which do YOU PREFER? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to submit your video to


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Drone into Skyscraper Twice
Girl Skateboarding in Brussels
Building Facade in Japan Collapses
Bicyclist into Woman
Poorl driver
Street Performer Into Crowd
Fire Hydrant and Biker
Bus Backflip Fail
Man in Costume Off Bus
Human Pyramid Fail
Guy Slips During Race
Woman Misses Demolition Because of Dog
Russian Man Off Balcony
Man Tears Down Lampost
Man Shoves Girl Holding up Subway
Creative Escalator Ride Fail
Sidewalk Slip
Train Pushes Car Off tracks
Farmer Canal Jump Fail
Cowboy Breaking Horse Fail
Ostrich Steals All the Food
Alpaca Spits at Camerawoman
Jumping Kid Breaks Farm Fence
Unicycle Trick Fail
Silo on Parked Car
Tractor Barn Demolition Fail
Woman Gets Chased By Chicken
Shirtless Branch Tug o War Fail
Corn Machine Fail
Hay Stack Faceplant
Cowboy Dancing on Table Fail
Hay Bale Multiple Back Flips Fails
Excavator Rope Swing Fail
Man with Chainsaw in River
Guy Tries to Ride 4-Wheeler Up Tree
Bob Cat Dirt Surprise

49 Responses to “FailArmy Versus: City Fails vs. Country Fails (July 2017)”

  1. Hi mate .. rather Anyone identify worse than this video …

  2. I feel bad for the guy at 4:56, he seemed to be genuinely sorry.

  3. 2:24 GTA V pedestrians in real life.

  4. I would take country life all day. Fewer stupid people per square mile.

  5. 0:27 deserved it she had a kings jersey on

  6. nononon rip the dog!!!!!! ;D ;(

  7. country will always win in my book… in the city its a tragedy in the country its all in good fun

  8. There are lots of hipsters and rednecks in this video.

  9. That was just one big hump at 5:00

  10. I just came here to say that..

    Read more

  11. 1:51 Why does this clip piss me off so much?!

  12. 2:19 omg this bitch…

  13. 0:55 I can't believe he actually TRIED to hold that lamp upright. My ass would've jumped clear of that shit!

  14. wow that enormous fat shit skin at 4:00 lmfao

  15. 1:58, it looks like the fucking cunt fell on purpose. A few DDR assholes did this shit in front me me. There is never any blood, these fucks get up after laying totally still – seems odd, no pain. These fucks just lay on the floor as if dead.

  16. That cop obliterated that dude's skateboard

  17. many are repeated

  18. Scary back kiss precious raise dominant adjust.

  19. 6:11 when city tries to be country

  20. This Americans (USA) is realy going to my dick

  21. 5:31 That was rome fucking god. Tourist dont respect trevi s fountain

  22. 4:50 power bangs white chick.

  23. Wtf the guy that almost got flattened by the tractor, im pretty sure he is wearing a thong.

  24. Most of these people portrayed as "country" actually just seemed like city people who wandered into the country. We fail at different thing, and in different ways.

    Generally though, nobody films it. If you werent there, you missed it, and can only learn of it at that point through drunken story time. Filming everything you do is a city person thing to do. Thats my experience, at least.

  25. City folk just dont get it

  26. So is this one of those things where losing is actually good?

  27. 2:22 When Don't know how to drive in GTA 5

  28. thought I would give failarny another try after their debacle with advertising, first clip back…recycled one from months back, won't be back, lost a long time subscriber here

  29. 02:19 What!?!?! Lmao! She must have been really scared to hit so many other cars and try to flee the scene lol

  30. Why are all of these people on failarmy such retards, how stupid and idiotic can you be?

  31. 3:36 I wonder if that car is totalled??? LMAO

  32. The guy just want to smash the girl 4:54 lol fail

  33. Was that pole at 0:55 cast iron? Looks heavy AF and shattered

  34. the one where they blow the building down that woman is such a bitch for taking her poor dog there the thing was terrified

  35. nigers make me sick

  36. Comment who you think won

  37. 3:52 ..WhY WOULD YOU TAKE UR DOG!?

  38. 5:13 isn't that the Trevi fountain? if so, then he's a fucking idiot.

  39. 4:55 SENDA PUNTEADA 🙂

  40. Anyone else getting spanish ads?

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