Oh they got grilled good!

Here in Canada, BBQ season has begun which means 1 thing for the gags team: “Grillin” as many strangers as possible.

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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39 Responses to “EXPLOSIVE BBQ PRANKS”

  1. 4:23 Have I seen her somewhere on the internet???

  2. I cant understand why there are 51 dislikes.

  3. JFL has always been my go to prank show way back with there tv show long before youtube existed.

  4. It's ridiculous how the imbeciles care about eating a dog meat when
    eating any animal is wrong. Same with caring about the animal abuse of
    the hamster when their brainless mindset doesn't even consider how that
    how those hot dogs came to be.

  5. old video. im disappointed.

  6. it would be interesting if you guys did some kind of wedding prank. i'll leave the brainstorming up to y'all.

  7. hola canadienses hijos de puta…

  8. Damn last one very good prank and suspicious it didn't bleed huh????

  9. love your pranks ….

  10. 3:34 itshould be normal for this guy hahahah :v

  11. The SAG strike is hitting JFL hard, no voice acting to be found.

  12. The rat pranks is psychopath things .. so they walk away

  13. You can eat a veal or a lamb but a dog, this is forbidden xD

  14. The dog knew the 'dog wasn't a dog.

  15. explosive.. lol.. i will explode my sperm in her throat..

  16. I've been watching this show for the last five years. It's one the funniest prank shows on the internet. It's certainly kindest and warmest 🙂

  17. can any one tell me how Canadian used to make hot dog?? I mean dog or chicken..??? :p

  18. I am eager to see more pranks of yours

  19. On dirait bien P-A Méthot qui fait le gars du BBQ!

  20. guys love from India. please check my channel guys

  21. every one of these are repeat. I'm very disappointed in you.

  22. Try new Pranks, these are years old pranks and you are re uploading them.

  23. really really awesome.. tq all.

  24. we love your chanel . love from India.

  25. y r u mixing old pranks

  26. 07:06 WRONG! You do NOT pull an impaled item out of the body! You call emergency services and let THEM handle the impaled object in the Emergency Room! The object impaling is now a cork, and removing it can cause SERIOUS blood loss!

  27. 3:56 he spits out the hotdog, but then gives it to his dog. One should think it would be even worse for the dog because it makes him a cannibal.

  28. I always watch your channel all video…. all video are so nice……love u gags

  29. 3:59 Oh yeah just give the "dog meat" to your dog. Sounds reasonable

  30. chineese guy is like, yeah and?

  31. everytime i appriciate your acts.but literally i m not happy with the bomb prank, you are unknowingly polluting the environment.

  32. ¿Cómo tuvieron permiso estos canadienses para lo del propano? :s

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