This month we’ve brought you scare pranks, kid pranks, and parent pranks! But wait…there’s more! It’s time for the ultimate prank compilation filled with hilarious videos of bad friends pulling practical jokes on each other.

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43 Responses to “Epic Pranks Compilation: Bad Friends”

  1. the last two were my favorite!

  2. I feel bad for the dog at 2:55

  3. No riding bicycle through the house lol

  4. 2:47 that feel when you are too dumb to use the most basic of fireworks xD

  5. 1:17 how to ruin someones neck 101

  6. 3:31 no one's gonna question the sex doll? Ok.

  7. 1:19 yea this is a normal thing to do in new zealand

  8. Что за древняя подборка? перезаливы?

  9. 2:50 when you think you're cool

  10. the phone is gone say good bye

  11. why is this funny..?


  13. datt dude kicking his "friend" in the beer. he deserves a fist shower.

  14. Disliked just because of 1:10. It could have brake his neck or his spinal cord

  15. oohhh you bastard…fucking bastard!

  16. This is why I have no friends. You can't trust anybody.

  17. прани ограниченных ((((

  18. @ 2:13 whichever dickface tied her laces is and will forever remain: a virgin.

  19. 1:11 How the hell is that a PRANK! You could give someone a serious spine injury or even paralysis!

  20. 1:11 flying douche, not so much of a prank

  21. 1:30 “tell me win? when?" what accent is that?

  22. 01:06 thats not a prank, thats just being an asshole

  23. If my phone went out the window I would be so pissed!!!

  24. that tyre jam lmao

  25. That dude that thought he was cool for shooting his friends with fireworks but shoots himself in the face rofl

  26. Not one of these were even remotely new. Shit video from a shit channel.

  27. 3:30 Ben feleğin tekerine çomak sokarım

  28. 2:50 what a fucking idiot.. poor dog!

  29. 1:30 is my favorite. No matter how many times I see it I laugh.

  30. 3:28 This is how I literally assasinate an enemy.

  31. that totem looks like Samuel Jackson.

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