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35 Responses to “Epic Prank Fails (GONE WRONG) 2016 Compilation!”

  1. What? You try to kiss on other girls even you have a girlfriend???

    I dont get it

  2. lmao. 250k is chump change for Newport


  4. That kid got his brother so good

  5. Looks by the thumb nail picture, they look very right somehow!

  6. SOOO DAMN FAKE! That one with his little brother, im getting tired of these fake pranks backfires, its so obvious its fake. Like every cheating girlfriend prank backfires cuz people like watching it, but its all fake and people dont get that.

  7. 남자진짜촐싹대네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  8. In the hood, Gone Wrong, Gone Sexual, Gone Wild, Gun pulled, Knife pulled, almost shot, almost dies, nearly killed

  9. I wait through 2 minutes of adds to watch you act a fool…instant dislike!

  10. the little dude got back his big bro, so funny, you deserve it big bro.

  11. Bailey grabbed his ass after he got up…yep

  12. robbery prank its fucking stupid

  13. gone wrong gone sexual in the hood pranks clickbait hitmen

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