The funniest pranks are the ones that backfire! Check out these epic prank fails and watch what happens when pranks go wrong!
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45 Responses to “Epic Prank Fails || FailArmy”

  1. 1:28 that's what happens when your a dumb ass

  2. This's firework clip wasn't funny at all. I hope the men weren't hurt. Who the fuck would do that?? ❌❌

  3. 4:16 why was that girl pissed off she spilled the water on herself

  4. 0:28 batista vs rey mysterio

  5. this video has to be called INSTANT KARMA

  6. The Last One Fail Wkwkwkwkwkw

  7. Lol i love how the dumbass at 1:25 shot himself first

  8. What the hailwa

  9. 2:15 insert Fus Ro Dah meme here

  10. why do people think doing this stupid crap is a good idea?

  11. 4:13 the face of disappointment

  12. 1:58 Such a delicious looking cake wasted. I would've eaten it on the spot.

  13. people out there now call hiding themselves in a trash bin "prank"

  14. The human race. The only race on the planet that thinks it's hilarious to call someone to come here and then try to whack them with a 2×4 as they're coming through the door. SMH

  15. 1:53
    get completely shrekt

  16. How does a birthday HEADSLAM feel??? FUNNY!!! LOL"S…

  17. 1:25 wow what a great idea!

  18. The last one tho… That was gonna make her day

  19. 0:47 & 1:03 & 2:50 lolololololololololololollolololololololololololol

  20. How do I get a girl to love me and marry me?

  21. 0:36 this should go on the instant karma fails video

  22. 1:03 "and that was my favorite pair…"

  23. For a sec I thought the first guy was the nastalgia critic

  24. second .31 …El chapo guzman !!!????? WTF lol

  25. At 2:25 those people don't know anything about physics


  27. so is violence the way to get freinds

  28. The kid at 1:50 is a ninja!

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