JukinVideo presents Epic Pranks: Parents vs. Kids! Watch as these parents get the ultimate revenge on their children! They’ve thought of the most outrageous ways to torture their kids and recorded it for our enjoyment!!

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2. Kids Prank Their Parents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yAVEQWcvvg

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16 Responses to “Epic Prank Compilation: Parents Prank Kids”

  1. Coooool pet spider!

  2. Pranking kids is boring. It's too easy. They're still learning so of course they're naive.
    What a dumbass video.

  3. 1:19 origin of the roblox "uhh"

  4. Omg that was hilarous!!! There so evil!!

  5. 1:03 sounds like Morty from Rick and Morty. :-/

  6. I hit my Dad in the nuts and if he put a spider on my face

  7. Me on google after this video:
    Can turkeys get gregnent?
    How do chickens get…. PREGANANANT?!?!?
    How do i know if my turkey's pregante.
    How to get a turkey pegnent.

  8. That spider haha that was straight fear in that boys eyes haha


  10. *gets chicken in the turkey
    daughter: it was pregnant!

  11. *gets chicken in the turkey
    daughter: it was pregnant!

  12. Was that chainsaw bar oil???

  13. Jesus the last dude was frozen in fear to the point where he couldn't even talk. Pretty sure I'd disown my parents if they ever pulled that shit.

  14. The fucking idiot girls who don't know what eggs are jfc

  15. pause @4:27 the look of 'im never trusting my father again'

  16. Stop using the word EPIC

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