This is what happens when you try to multitask, and combine dinner time with bath time: You boil the fish in a bubble bath, and you wash off the day in a pan….

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20 Responses to “Enormous FISH Jumps Out Of Bubble Bath”

  1. M. M m Man mom nm n n n. Man n.

  2. I love how ridiculous this is

  3. ¡Cuanta risa me dió está Broma!
    PD: Hay gritos únicos en esta broma

  4. me: whats for dinner
    her: fish.

  5. Not one of the better ones….

  6. I'm trying my hardest not to commit suicide after this 'prank'. Terrible. Honestly.

  7. pranksters:
    Angela Magri
    Lionel Ndabirabé

  8. The thumbnail

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