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  1. Roses are red, violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail, and so did you

  2. Does anyone know the name of the youtuber at 2:52

  3. Sub to my channel Arthur Tobin.

  4. The best part was the end

  5. #4 is fake.. why is it on the list ?

  6. 6,2,and 1 are the best one but the officer in 4 is a loser attempting to arrest a guy for jay-walking.

  7. Its not a big deal only youll get some nice years in prison

  8. The reason y I clicked the video because of the thumbnail

  9. I'm assuming you clicked on the video for this 11:31

  10. O jest SA Wardęga ☺

  11. What if the put cocaine in the coke bottles

  12. 2:50 ice cube with drakes voice? wtf??

  13. The guys doing this were the definition of stupid

  14. fuck you ass hole i hate your thumbnail

  15. Lesson : cops don't always eat donuts**

  16. Here's a good one
    Call 911 and report a shooting at your house, but make sure you have blank rounds and when they get there, start shooting the blanks at them, then surrender and tell them it was just prank bro

  17. Last song Depeche Mode – Policy of trouth

  18. I was like I love this video so until the last clip and I was like andddd imma dislike it now

  19. First.
    Baking a choco phone like in this video.
    Call with a real phone
    Police pull you over, have to chance the phone with the choco phone xd

  20. 7:13 is that cop really have COLT 1911 ?? OMG! 😀

  21. Wow! Nobody got shot!

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