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31 Responses to “Deleted video”

  1. Einfach ist flex IT mit dabei

  2. Did nobody like seven

  3. Why did it go 9 8 3

  4. 3:50 is so fucking retarted

  5. it’s seconder the funny time haha

  6. 2:56 since when did Scarce work at Mcdonald's

  7. The guy with the money should have drive off fast

  8. "It's seconder the funny time"


  10. The dude who was smoking
    That wasn't funny man ur playing wit ppls Liv's

  11. "its seconder the funny time"

  12. The dude in 7 is fucking ugly

  13. That wasn't funny, it was stupid

  14. Number 5 is the best

  15. 2:52 its seconder the funny time

  16. First clip like stfu and let the guy eat

  17. Threw away a meal?  Could have at least given it to a homeless guy.  Lame.

  18. the secind one was stupid and mean

  19. i think the guy at 3:08 is actually trying not to laugh tbh

  20. at 3:56 I died not because of the prank but the kids hair

  21. The first one is just being a dick to everyone behinds him

  22. 3:10 is so funny………Lmao

  23. The first guy looked so nice.

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