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  1. oh please, jockeeyyyboiiii pranks are fake and cringy.

  2. The prankster at 930, is that a youtuber? All of his clips were great, does anyone know his name/youtube channel

  3. he punched the snow man. that scream tho hahahahaha

  4. "gata gata
    vezi ca nu musca"=)))

  5. dog avavavavavav hahahahah

  6. with friends like those who needs enemies…

  7. Why is this motherfucker slapping the child on his face while sleeping!

  8. 1:21 I love how that guy doesn't give a shit about that girl XD

  9. 0:57 I thought the woman could levitate! XDDD

  10. 6:44 Use seat belts, niggah!

  11. Only an asshole will scare a child.

  12. n.. some of these clips are total cruelty. .. At least they are funny

  13. 3:15 – Adam Carolla

  14. You’re fucking disgusting dude wearing no shoes in the bathroom

  15. What's happened in the last video?

  16. Lol,where's the last one kid

  17. i just watched and the fuckin video and its completely gash

  18. Omg wat happen to harry in the trash 1like 5 cares

  19. 8:43 România la putere :)))

  20. 11:14 is so me legit everywhere I go XD

  21. Idk about y'all but I don't find people getting hurt funny 0.0

  22. That air horn prank in the men's restroom f•••ing epic

  23. what is seventeen joshua supposed to mean??

  24. 8:40 was funny but that's just my opinion

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