Our biggest fear at the moment is that we are going to turn around, and notice that this terrifying puppet is still staring at us!!!

She knows we played a trick on her, and she does not like it…

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19 Responses to “Creepy PUPPET Comes To Life”

  1. I remember this, on Disney XD :')

  2. cooles vid. more like this please

  3. some pranks are mini heart attack for people. I think gags people have a doctor with them just in case.

  4. very nice video I am like I am like you

  5. That puppet looks a bit like Studder McStudderpants

  6. This is a stupid YouTube Chanel

  7. Tarzan, Minute 0:27 mega geil!

  8. Laughtrip tawang tawa ako hahaha

  9. C'est d'laaaa meeeeerde !!!

  10. HAHA I love the Ladas face!! lmao!!!

  11. lol on that big guy with dog

  12. She's such a cutie.
    0:40 Be careful with ones like her. They might get a heart attack. 😛
    Great job on this one; creative prank. 😀

  13. some of those old ladys gonna have a heart attack once on this show

  14. pranksters:
    Sienna Mazzone

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