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36 Responses to “Clown Prank in the Hood Gone Wrong Stockton,Ca”

  1. Stockton ain't on shit

  2. They should only do these pranks in Canada, they don't have guns there !

  3. I a bitch I took my money

  4. You seriously have to be stupid as shit to pull some crap like that, especially in Stockton. Sad life.

  5. That Mudville coat fressh

  6. I feel bad I almost cry for clown # clown life's matter


  8. Should have poped his bitch ass

  9. If he found Nate diaz

  10. the instagrammer hoodclips is putting us on the map!!

  11. HAHAHAHA That's what the clown gets 1:32

  12. that is not cool. you ran after them. then you took they money you should be a shamed of your self for thhat

  13. and not the one thatI was lookingfor

  14. I wouldve shot dis clown ass

  15. 1:44 The nigga pistol whipped the clowns ass

  16. pistol whip em cuz he didn't want to waist any bullets cuz niggaz in Stockton are no type of joke to be played with

  17. In a perfect world, every jack ass that pulled these pranks would get shot or stabbed.

  18. when you try so hard use clickbait but it fails

  19. lol he robbed the dice game with a saw

  20. People be carrying heaters in the hood you cant do that stuff

  21. hahahaha looooool run away

  22. Play stupid games win stupid prizes you go around terrorising people you get what you deserve friend.

  23. its so funny but wel creepy

  24. come in Cleveland ave with dat dumb shit

  25. bitch ass clown meet me up

  26. to chulo el negrito con la pistola

  27. did they rob a dice game?

  28. The guy an the end was gang

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