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Our pranksters trap people in a plywood box. Will any of them be able to escape?

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43 Responses to “Caught in a box just for laughs hidden camera prank!”

  1. Who in the world mistakes a phone with a microphone?

  2. this actually accounts for good performative art!

  3. could've lifted it off

  4. ohhh i do not know but i think i saw the last man in old pranks

  5. 0:26 Damm not again…

  6. That might actually be even funnier.

  7. In the United States, someone would try to sue over this.

  8. I dont work on JFL

  9. Thx captain i think you're work is done here -.-'

  10. i never said it was muted dumbshit

  11. what are they gonna do with a microphone if it is muted and there's a background music ! ASS !

  12. HAHAAHAHAHH!! EPIC!! Thanks for this!

  13. Fake! U can see the last guy has a microphone equipment on his belt

  14. I'd blast my way out haha

  15. I would like to stay in that box!

  16. I'm glad I wasn't there…I'm clausterphobic

  17. @30gsp Shutup and ur use of smiley faces is cunt like douche baggery.

  18. yea if they got a heart/asthma/anxiety attack or something, jfl could face a lawsuit:)

  19. They had to cut all the footage with Asians because of Judo Chop.

  20. "I am the man in the box" Alice in chains

  21. iT'S a Man trap!!

  22. good thing none of them are claustrophobic

  23. If you dont like it then dont read it, simple as that. Also I dont seem to see what youre talking about…

  24. "I BELIEVE everyone has the right to believe whatever the fuck they want to as long as they don't shove their beliefs down everyone else's" Well aren't you shoving your beliefs down my throat?

  25. If you're trying to find answers to the meaning of life then a prank video isn't exactly the best place to discuss such matters. We come to these videos to have a laugh not to fight each other in an uncivilized fashion like the idiots who were arguing and insulting each other. I believe everyone has the right to believe whatever the fuck they want to as long as they don't shove their beliefs down everyone else's throats.

  26. One more thing saying you're "open-minded" is another way of saying you're "easily influenced"

  27. How is this always the top comment? People are just trying to find answers, whether it's through debating or inquiring. If everyone want s to be entertainment zombies, who don't give a care about religion or philosophy, then count me out. I'm sick of it, all this politically correct crap! Don't get mad at them. You don't have to read the comment thread.

  28. Its actually not a funny prank, what if someone got claustrophic? They would freak out, and maybe pass out.. :/

  29. 0.0 what if your claustrophobic and they play this prank on you?! that would suck

  30. This is EXACTLY how I build a Creeper trap on MineCraft!

  31. WHAT THE FUCK DID SIGURJONG SAY?? I wanna put in it in my wiener I gotta know!

  32. @smacksify
    He did it on purpose. He's the only one that escaped. They should have put a bottom on it.

  33. @omgmgthorselova4eva
    So what? They have to block traffic as they always have to cut the parts when somebody get run over. They are not allowed in YT.

  34. guy at 1:15 so not embarressing after knocking yourself to the ground 8D

  35. guy at the end…ha. ha. very funny.

  36. @BigMisterApple i like your name

  37. you can see the fence blocking off cars in the background.. these r all fake!

  38. @MajNikonfan and I assume you can and will tell me why that is? Because I'm at a loss here..

  39. Haha they need more of these "Boxed Up" vids, frekin hilarious.

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