What happens when you break ARMS that are already broken? You generate the cringiest, scariest, and most painful CRACK in the history of cracks…

The prank victims will never forget the sound…

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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30 Responses to “BROKEN ARMS Prank! (You’ve been warned)”

  1. bone sound is very realistic

  2. i miss epic grandpa prank


  4. all aren't broken arm

  5. I hope this show never ends

  6. 3:31 Ese señor ya había salido en otra broma

  7. Click eaaaaaarrrrrr

  8. WWE Royal Rumble Quick Hits

    Rey Mysterio def JTG for the U.S. championship

    New Day def Ascension for the tag team championships

    Randy Orton def Sheamus, Edge & John Cena for the universal championship

    Jinder Mahal def CM Punk for the WWE championship

    Chris Jericho wins the Royal Rumble match

  9. Awww the ending isnt a blank screen anymore!!!! So happy!!

  10. Police compilation next ?

  11. 5:45 This guy ain't gettin' paid enough.

  12. We want only "click ear" at the end.


  14. he said if I didnt watch the other video I would get arrested.
    I immediately open the video and watch it.
    I return to find him handcuffing himself, so that he can't arrest me.
    I dont know who is the bigger idiot, him or me :l

  15. @JFLG, why is Dany Many no longer doing pranks with you? He was absolutely one of the best in your crew.

  16. You guys are always as funny and creative as ever.. Keep it up

  17. hahaha,,,,u forgot the KEY~~~~

  18. don't reupload old pranks with new (2nd one)

  19. че-за машины все из каменного века

  20. I want more Photoshop pranks

  21. where's his mum? hi reddit!

  22. Finally some end credits but I will always miss the click ears

  23. Эт русский емае!!!

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