Masterchef Denis is careful with his cooking, but not his cutting! Thumb Soup, anyone?

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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29 Responses to “Body Part Blender Prank – Just For Laughs Gags”

  1. for some reason its odly satisfying when the thumb
    gets cut

  2. And then there is pranks today… :/

  3. New video from TechRax: CUT OFF THUMB VS BLENDER, WILL IT BLEND?

  4. How did he do that but he is disgusting lol

  5. They should make the people who get pranked (actors) act better.

  6. …who is the blood?

  7. Maybe I should make some "Butter Fingers!!"

  8. Where's the blood

  9. Why is. It always the woman you prank?

  10. That's so ouchy in real life

  11. Am I the only one who knows about it but is still scared

  12. If i were the victim, I would said "no blood, fake thumb bitch"

  13. Ketchup would asd taste

  14. what kinda fukn finger can be cut as easy as that so stupid

  15. Didn't they find it weird that he wasn't bleeding…

  16. like si viste el dedo escondido la primera ves

  17. Are these pranks real?

  18. Would have been better if you added some fake blood, and a toy bone,

  19. Please don't use this music as background… Please use the another one you use.

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