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The biggest senior prank in the history of SHR! Thanks to the senior class of 2010, the school had a delay of classes for a majority of the morning. Some loved it, some were unfazed by it, and some teachers wanted to kill us 🙂 But that’s alright, it was worth every second of it.

We got into the school the night before this happened and spent about 4 hours “destroying” the school (thank you custodial staff). Personally, I think we were more “creating”

A big thanks to everyone who helped with this years senior prank!

Music In This Video:

Shots – LMFAO ft. Lil Jon
I Love College – Asher Roth
Clothes Off – Gym Class Heros
Get Crazy – LMFAO
Opposite of Adults – Chiddy Bang
Gives You Hell – All American Rejects

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  1. I dont see any black students

  2. Class of 2024 were on our way

  3. We could never do this in '17, security cameras all over the hallways, a guy monitoring them during the school day

  4. Wow 7 years ago….. time goes by quick

  5. Your teachers are so chill about it XD

  6. "If you only put this much effort in school" XD

  7. my dad and his friends picked up the principal's Volkswagen and but it in a ditch as a prank

  8. this is stupid my brothers graduating class remove some letters from my schools sign so it said Incest High School

  9. Teachers spend a lot of time and money decorating and organizing their rooms, so this is just messed up. After all that effort they put into teaching you, this is how you repay them…

  10. hey it music is copyright

  11. Back when times were simple

  12. The seniors at my highschool did this and now they might not be able to walk in their graduation. They put baby oil on the stairs, glue on promethean boards, shredded paper covering the floors, photoshopped pictures of teachers were put in our lockers, vaseline on door handles and Pam sprayed on locker locks, saran wrap on toilets, and the list could go on. As a freshman, I saw it funny, but I can understand why many people at school were so angry. And its kinda ironic because a teacher did give the students the master key to get in the school 2 nights ago.

  13. my last senior day….I'm going to do something…like ride a dirt bike through the school…or buy pizza over the years and have a crap load of empty boxes stacked in the hallway(s)

  14. 7:13 you know what would go perfecly in that room? one of the tables that filled up the bathroom XD

  15. How did they not get copy righted

  16. The tables in the bathroom was the best part

  17. This is what I wish we would have done for my 2010 senior prank this is incredible nicely done! Great editing and music wish best for all of you good luck in life

  18. i can't wait to be a senior

  19. The beginning looks like how a school shooter would approach their school. Just imagine them listening to the same song as they fire into the distance… "SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOT SHOTS SHOTS"

  20. My class didn't do a senior prank.

  21. this is the most 2010 video I've ever seen


  23. Some "harmless" ideas for newcomers……………..

    1) Have one specific day where EVERY SENIOR walks out to the student parking lot, gets into a number of cars, and leaves the campus for one SPECIFIC period.

    Considering how many seniors there are at your school a number of teachers will be teaching a class with less than 10 students in it.

    2) Have the entire senior class (even though you ALREADY KNOW that some students won't go along with it) do a NAKED FUN RUN around the outside of the school for a few minutes. You'd want to find a few classrooms that are NOT usually being used one specific period and use those rooms to store everybodys clothes. This CAN BE DONE if you take a few days over a few weeks to figure out which classrooms would not be used during one specific period and then have a few students "guarding" everybodys clothes. The gymnasium would probably NOT be a good place to store your clothes because there would simply be too many people in the gymnasium at one time. The phys. ed. teachers would immediately know that something is up.

    How you would do this is by telling everybody that wants to participate to show up in "this specific place" during "this specific period". You would do this the day before so that everybody can plan how they would get there the next day without arousing too much suspicion.

    Once a few people start getting there they hide in the corner of the room that is most out of sight from any of the doors and windows. When enough people have shown up you close the door, everybody strips down to nothing but their sneakers, and then everybody goes. Of course a few people would stay behind to "guard" everybodys clothes.

    IT WOULD ALSO HELP IMMENSELY if you schedule this "frivolity" for a very warm day where everybody can be wearing shorts and t-shirt. Why? If they don't have to take their shoes off to take their pants off they can get naked a lot quicker and possibly get dressed just as quickly when they get back.

    3) I commented on this below in a reply to "Chase Knaffle" who talked about his brother welding a car to the flag pole………………..

    One specific day have all of the students in school (all 4 grades) call every teacher and faculty member by their first name. You probably know them already, and if you don't you would only need to look in last years yearbook to figure out what they are. Make a master list and then make 1,000 copies or so and pass it to every student in school.

    4) "Cell Phone Symphony" by Improv Everywhere. Every student that has a cell phone gives their cell phone number to another student and during one specific MINUTE of one specific day EVERY STUDENT PHONE IN SCHOOL starts ringing uncontrollably for about 30 seconds.

  24. "Best"? "Prank"? It's not a prank, it's extensive criminal damage and vandalism. They should have been expelled, prosecuted, tried, convicted, imprisoned, executed and have custard squirted into their ears.

  25. Dude my school Toilet Papered the freshman building. It was funny but a huge mess

  26. Class of 2041 here I come!!!!

  27. That's nothing, our senior prank is we got a crane to put the principal's convertible onto the roof, and then it started raining! Good times man.

  28. If you try to do something like this now you get criminally charged and don't get to go to graduation

  29. My older brothers school reassembled a vw Beatle on top of the science tables and left it they couldn't get it out

  30. custodian lives matter

  31. custodian must be in on this one

  32. Does this school not have alarms?

  33. When did y'all find the time to do this?

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