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23 Responses to “BEST SCARY PRANK FAILS & Funny Videos 2014 Epic Fail Compilation”

  1. that last one was mean as hell man but funny i bet they had to tare down that whole area of that wall to replace it cause of the shit rot and smell where he crapped his pants and messed up the inside of wall

  2. i started to think the girl in red two piece that said omg i just got my hair did was sort of hot till she moved her arm now i know y she had it there some one must have came by and said hey ur scaring the kids cover up no not ur body ur face thats not a funny prank to be pullin at the pool lady

  3. The poor dogs in the chucky scare 😛

  4. bad sound quality

  5. I saw a Tai Lopez Ad on this video I'm triggered

  6. 7:00 i want this camera app

  7. I just got my hair did lol

  8. how did they get so many prostitutes to be in their videos?

  9. OMG You so stupid I just got my hair did… did? XD

  10. i had to laugh at the lucky one first chucky came out of the sign and started chasingg the guys than ran away when he threw the book bag lol

  11. yelling at fools is fucken stupid.

  12. The dude at 2:18 said what he said and then got scared shitless

  13. Who's the guy with the curly hair pranking his hot gf?

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  15. 8:40 chilena detectada <3

  16. 5:47 to 6:05 lol that's Amy Wong from Futurama

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