Best Pranks, Social Interactions & Trolling FAILS of 2016 thus far! Best Pranks of 2016 / Top Pranks of 2016 / Las Vegas Pranks / Picking Up Girls. So for this video I put together a compilation of a bunch of unused clips from 2016 thus far. For one reason or another I never used any of these clips before but some of these clips are actually pretty good, some are decent & some are complete fails. So hopefully you guys enjoy this random compilations of random trolling & social interactions…

► Met 2 Gold Diggers:
► Hold This L In Public!:

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► Outro Song: MADEINTYO – Uber Everywhere (Slushii Remix)

41 Responses to “Best Pranks & Trolling FAILS of 2016!!!”

  1. Some
    Bitches me rude for no reason the king in the north !

  2. You are so funny dude..appreciate it efforts

  3. epicfivetv your the best youtuber I ever seen

  4. Ruban look like fat monkey

  5. 6:13 that indian girls looks like stupid why its so hard to answer

  6. come to England put on a adidas track suit and a nike man bag walk up to any random girl below the age of 25 and say "oh pengting you is pifting init ting bigback holla buck behind co op? dun tho" and you will get all the pussy

  7. this is real paper pimping, umm wtf dose that even mean how the fuck is paper pimping dose that dude even know what pimping means wtf is up with this drugged up world please some one just kill me now

  8. God i fuckin love it when he say OMG hahahahaha too jokes!

  9. Ask some girl are we going to fuck or split the bill 😀

  10. The last girl was drunk as fuck .

  11. fake is not the original video, i don't like they way was edited. it doesn't finish playing the video clip before it jumps to another clip.

  12. wtf Ruben how long do I hav 2 watch these old pranks…y u nt make em anymore, whatsup!!?

  13. Is pat barry is your brother a ufc fighter? he looks like u

  14. 22:28 that bitch is hookers..

  15. what kind of drink is Ruben holding. at 18:29

  16. "I ll kiss something else later." lol.

  17. jesus that last one wanted IT

  18. I just realized the joke the third time you said it LOL I'm talking about the one where you farted in the apple store

  19. trump please i beg you kick out all of these fucking black people back to africa

  20. she looks like Saoirse

  21. 10:30 was the best ever! what is life! haha

  22. I love how his videos are always entertaining to watch

  23. rubben y those gals ain't told wer thy r frm

  24. the first one sound/ looks like "lets go champ!!"

  25. this dude is the pick up artist so smooth

  26. go up to girls n ask if they like small or big dick

  27. Skanks at the start smh

  28. that last go look so stoned

  29. Why oh why do today's women have to be straight up bitches in public?

  30. I love how when Ruben starts noticing people getting super uncomfortable and tries to leave, he starts crying.

  31. this is good stuff actually 🙂

  32. Like the shirt…whyy

  33. rude bitch at the beginning leave us alone

  34. guy at 50 sec looks like a fat version of timbaland

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