Best Pranks of the Month March 2015 – YesFunnyYes
Here are the most funniest pranks from March 2015.
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1. The Killer Dog Scare Prank
2. Extreme Fight Me Prank!
3. Pooping in the Elevator
4. How To Use Fame To Get Any Girl’s Number!
5. Palm Reader
6. Car Stolen While Talking To A Prostitute!
7. Public Prank

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23 Responses to “Best Pranks of the Month March 2015 – YesFunnyYes”

  1. at 9:50 the girl at the back…she got very pretty eyes

  2. that is a Jamaican man…I know because I am too

  3. I was eating while watching that guy 6:50

  4. Classic. Great imagination and understanding of the human psyche…Killer Puppy

  5. 09:57 the girl passes by OMG

  6. the little puppy is so cute ♥‿♥

  7. انقذي كسك قال يلكسي قال

  8. No Hate But Why Do They Tell People That They're On Tv ? Lol YouTube Isn't Tv

  9. Random question…What is in the background at 1:21?  There are two figures that look like manequins? or dolls?

  10. Can you do more pranks like this bro?
    hahaha lol

  11. made by cyclomusic

  12. the song at 3:59 is from gohan rap in Spanish about Dragon Ball Z

  13. Typical american sickness…

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