Best Kiss Cam Vines Compilation 2015 Enjoy!
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14 Responses to “Best Kiss Cam Vines Compilation 2015”

  1. im the type of guy if i had a crush on some one i would tell them…

  2. if this get 1 like i french kiss my crush

  3. The first one tho ( lol that is how I want to have my first kiss)

  4. What is this song

  5. Also isn't this sexual assault? These people didn't ask to be kissed. I would be fuming if someone did that

  6. At 1:12 that little girl is like 13 doing that. Play with your dolls!

  7. I will kiss a random girl if this gets 6 likes

  8. Ok, why THE FUCK did I watched dis

  9. what's the song at :19

  10. of this gets 5 like I will kiss my crush

  11. I will kiss my crush who doesn't know I like him if I get 2 likes

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