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Enjoy these funny videos of kids being pranked by the mom and dad and reacting in hilarious and funny ways. They get fake presents or just funny prank. Some of these kids are also really cute. Try not to laugh challenge. 🙂

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41 Responses to “Best Kids Pranks by Parents Compilation 2016”

  1. Good for the little ungrateful shits.

  2. the last girl is so cute! <3

  3. kids of today are so stupid!!how could a chicken had a baby!!

  4. 1:20 , scared the fk out of me

  5. First of all kids should be great full for at least getting a gift for them… the way they cry makes them a spoiled child

  6. That phone one is really funny.

  7. with the last one…we never trusted boxes as kids XD My parents recycled them for years.

  8. my mom and dad would never do this

  9. if those were my kids I'd slap em and say "You know what? Fuck your presents then!" and keep them for myself. Ungrateful Fags

  10. 3:08 after watching thier first horror movie, sleeping with lights on… too funny

  11. I like the last girl because at least she was thankful for what she got.

  12. I don't think some of these are very funny. Most of these are all mean.

  13. if it has scary maze im out

  14. I really don't like the last pranks and not even funny you fucking asshole.

  15. at 1:28 karma would say " gotcha bitch!"

  16. kids b thankful 4 what u get presents are not the only thing

  17. 4:46 That would be my reaction if I got a fursuit

  18. At 1:32 what gift is that

  19. The girl after the one when the cake fell is cute is she single

  20. my friends are afraid of suprise lizards (i dont know why) so every now and then i shout lizard at their feet somehow i get them every time

  21. some of these are mean

  22. When I turned 7 my grandad gave me a FREAKIN toilet seat

  23. Fucking a bunch of troll noises at 6:20

  24. I wish my parents would buy me lotion and tissues

  25. Remember when action figures where great? Yeah, good times. It wasn't if that long ago tbh.

  26. 4:53 my parents thought i was watching a petite getting raped by a nigga named T-Bone


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