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54 Responses to “Best Instant Karma Fails For Bullies | Karma”


  2. What annoys is that women think they can hit a guy with no consequences. Here's a tip…. Anyone hitting anyone is illegal. Freaking idiots.

  3. I hate these bully's they should die in hell I can't stand them.

  4. 6:00 Okay okay, he might be dumb and a total idiot, but I´m certain he didn´t survive that. Stop uploading stuff like this! Ain´t funny at all.

  5. Respect for the asian dude! That was some badshit move


  7. I dont agree with hitting women but the guitar dude funny af

  8. i keep geting bullied so seeing this vid makes me happy

  9. 10:50 That's what you get douche

  10. Not fair how a girl can beat up a guy while we can't softly bitch slap. A girl

  11. Uhhh funny fails if u edited this you shouldn have put the one with the train cuz the guy died after that

  12. btw i understand brazil and my home country where are i was born was in brazil

  13. daim that was you should be scared of black people cause they can really fuck u up like that man did to a gurl but thats gurl abuse stupid girl saying OMG OMG JUST FUCKING CALL THE POLICE HE GETS A ARRESTED FOR GIRL ABUSE

  14. When he said bitch, you knew he was going to have karma coming for him.

  15. People think their so tough until their ass is on the floor

  16. I love it when women try to fight men then get knocked the fuck out. Its too funny!

    "Never hit a girl" well I personally don't agree with that. I would take the first two punches from a girl and try and walk away, but on punch three I'm done. Bitch gonna get knocked out.

  17. Slapping a mentally ill guy, real tough…

  18. The first one is kinda sad

  19. I'm gonna slap you in the


  20. I thought it said Barbie shop, I wish it was a Barbie shop

  21. 1:27
    When I talk back to my mom.

  22. 5:28 damn he smacked his pants back on properly.

  23. Love where the black bloke with the guitar slapped that arrogant bitch!!

  24. Pro tip for the equal rights, equal fights crowd: how likely do you think it is that Keith Thurman will line up against Tyson Fury? Someone picking on someone smaller and ending up against an opponent they didn't reckon with is amusing, having someone challenge someone several times larger than them and get smacked down far less so.

  25. 10:11
    Don't play with your food…

  26. "Done seen you mulnpuntile tines. "

  27. glad guitar guy slapped that bitch

  28. when someone attacks u when ur backpack is still on… u take off ur backpack and the attacker knows whats about to go dowb xD

  29. If a woman acts like a man then it's ok to slap her

  30. Dont fight people with hands in their pockets, they usually have a reason for keeping their hands there – whether that'd be a weapon or lethal hands.

  31. Hahaha, shovel karma – been there, done that..

  32. Lessons learned, get smacked on the ass for being pretty, then smacked in the face cuz you dumb ass hell

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