Best Hidden Camera Joke Ever Must See!!!

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27 Responses to “Best Hidden Camera Joke Ever Must See!!!”

  1. Heard it s fake but still good

  2. اللي من الجزائر دير جام
    قناة النهار كل شيء مسروق على الاقل كنتو تكملو خيركم وتعطولهم قرعة ريحة
    يا المشحاحين

  3. that girl stunning…

  4. german are the best… every countries are except India and Muslims areas…

  5. marketing done right right there

  6. i dont know why i think its a fake

  7. das ist fies wenn man jemanden pranken will, dann auf eigene kosten. daumen runter für sowas….

  8. I like how they dress, it just so European

  9. why do i feel like i want to protect her


  11. Great prank. But they can't spell "unpredictable" for shit …

  12. Tremendo sustico.

  13. fuck all german peoples

  14. HAHAHA sooooo genial!

  15. worst ever! There isn't any joke. It's just tricking a person for a commercial. Where's the "Hate" button?

  16. Can anyone please tell me the name of the music? or the type of that kind of music?

  17. i would sue them and claim alot of money for unauthorized use of my photo, police impersonation, and ofc psychological abuse.

  18. Am I going crazy or did it change from english to german after a minute or so?

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