Best funny videos 2017: Try not to laugh smile or grin while watching this Funny fails & pranks compilation. This is very hard version of try not to laugh challenge

35 Responses to “Best funny videos 2017 : Funny fails & pranks compilation”

  1. many of these are staged.. and you edited fake laughing to it….

  2. 1:28 hes only weakness XD

  3. the girl hits him haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. jajajajajajajajaaaajajanajanjjJjajajajajajajJajajajajajajaiajajajajajaja

  5. for anybody who is reading this comment please go to my channel and watch my funny videos just started my channel don't judge me they're short

  6. idk why but, i think asian vines some how looks like faked, i mean, every jokes they make is planed and that`s make it kinda boring. somehow adding a laughing background voice is making it more likely to be planed and that is definitely making it not funny (for me). just making opinion, no offense.

  7. What’s with the voice it’s so annoying

  8. every video has a Asian in it

  9. Those are funny but lots of those seemed staged.

  10. This is great. My favorite is the one when two people are in bed and the guy slaps the girl and acts like he is asleep so the girl does it back.

  11. why are they all asian

  12. Omg the at 9:31 and the one after that 'u realise u Messed with the wrong person

  13. This crap is all scripted, fake

  14. its not very funny

  15. I seriously didn't laugh

  16. 60 likes and ill dab when my mom trys to give me hugs

  17. what an asshole at 4:40

  18. why are they all asian?

  19. ahhh
    seems money
    ohh ohh
    at 0:24

  20. Im the baby of minute 0:23 hahaha

  21. 1:00 this is the only funny one

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  23. the boy who is trying to get the girl that got me haha that's just like me

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