Best funny army compilation, Soldiers failing. Just the Funniest clips of military personnel failing at their job.

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  1. I always loved how they jump/fall into trench after nade fails 😀

  2. Sees tank in america:CALL 911!
    Sees tank in russia:Another day at Russia.

  3. I want to join the military…. not just for this, but to fight for my country. God bless America.

  4. these people are idiots

  5. 0:07 Was waiting for a flag to roll down that said "BANG" on it.

  6. 8:26 just what was that XD

  7. At 2:00 In soviet russia, train ride you

  8. Dats a big green worm

  9. 300 pillow fight edition

  10. Recess of the protecters, eh?

  11. Since when did throwing grenades become a hard thing to do

  12. "tee työtä jolla on tarkoitus"

  13. 4:12 people screaming like if a tire was taking over the city lol!

  14. Notice how they don't kill themselves like the terrorists we fight

  15. You thing HA HA losers but they give his live voor you

  16. 2:04 this a csgo silver

  17. 4:05 that really mature

  18. I lost my s*** at 036

  19. va y aq ins bnmde askerligim Boyle olur ne troll insanlar varya

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