Buk Lau calls up a Jamaican dance instructor so he can learn to bust some moves at his high school prom.
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19 Responses to “Asian Learns to Dance – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Ownage pranks try to ring : 01618182705 these guys ring everyday and keep on asking if our computer is working so please annoy them if you can

  2. Dat mudafuka sounda so gay



  5. yep, time to go now. it was Fun while it lasted. getting simple. old was Fun. that Tyrone one trying to get with his girl was the best though.

    adios! thanks for making it a fun ride a while back.

  6. Why did you remove the other prank video??

  7. what happen to the racist muslim pizza job it was funny

  8. what happened to the Muslim prank?

  9. This guy was so rude. Where are his parents? XD

  10. Call a porn casting as Tyrone and tell em you gotta nice big 11 inch ding dong bada boom bing.

  11. what happened to the muslim job interview prank video? It was there and I watched it. now its gone? did she complain to youtube or something?

  12. Why was the Muslim prank recently removed?

  13. What happened to the Muslim prank ?

  14. For those of you wondering – I took down the last video earlier today – The premise of the prank was so absurd (asking someone to temporarily convert for a job) … that I was MASSIVELY surprised to see so many people arguing about it in the comments! I apologize if I offended any of you, but remember that these are pranks and that I was just trying to make you laugh. I thought that since the requester (her son) got a big laugh out of it, and was adamant about pulling off that exact prank premise, that you'd all be laughing too. This was the case for a lot of people, but not everyone. Anyways, gots some new videos in the works for y'all this week! 😀

  15. you need an Africa or Jamaican character

  16. lol he disabled the comments in his latest video. wouldn't blame him because of the shitstorm in the comments section

  17. wow. the new comments are disabled lol

  18. Lol he disabled comments on the newest video

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