This guy ALMOST got fooled into giving his credit card info to some tax scammers, he’s been waiting for them to call back again so he can cuss them out.. I decided to call him as Rakesh pretending to be another ‘scammer’, it ends up being HILARIOUS.
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31 Responses to “Asian Guy Destroyed by IRS Scammer – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Whatup notification squad! I've been eager af to post this video, it's an epic twist on the IRS tax scam pranks. If you haven't seen the last video I posted on Thursday, you DO NOT want to miss it. Witch Doctor Makes Mom Go Insane – Don't forget to share this video on social medias if you dig it!! 🙂

  2. "How do you have my credit card information?" … "We're IRS, remember?"


  4. I'd be mad if my girl was giving out numbers on my credit cards and address for a prank.

  5. sorry for saying that but, it's funny at all, I didn't laugh not even once

  6. make a video with VirtuallyVain

  7. Notification squad!!!

  8. That degenerate bastard.

  9. In China wife bends over husband

    ps that guy is such a pussy

  10. What if there was a Indian person actually working for the IRS. o-0

  11. Bruh how do I contact you plz my dad builds homes and he is on this one project where the guy expects my dad to pay for all the shit to build the home and he was halfway done with it so he took the big ass custom door my dad payed for that he was suppose to pay for. I'm not sure what you would say to my dad if I got you to call him but I could give you some information to freak him tf out

  12. wot he was on x-hamsters

  13. wonder what would happen if the one who did these pranks was black?

  14. Lol that guy is chill

  15. Tommorow morning you will wake up and become
    1. Tyrone
    2. Buk Lau
    3. Juan
    4. Russel
    5. Chris
    6. Billy
    7.Abdo, habibi!
    9. John

  16. ownage pranks can u plz prank my friend

  17. Can u call boothworld

  18. His girlfriend let him in on it before he admitted to watching porn…….and before he said hippity hoppitus….you can hear it in his voice

  19. Call a pet store as Buk lau, and have him order some dogs for his restaurant

  20. I called papa Jon's and they said a bunch of bad things to my kids plz get revenge I will give u the number through email or anything else

  21. Mr. Ownage, PLEASE call the former owners of Amy's Baking Company.

  22. "That one time" ahahhahahhahahah

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