Actually picking up a girl Music is from loops in garage band.

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  1. Alex Guerreiro says:

    0:16 dat ass

  2. bobberman09 says:

    I never would have thought that you were this dumb until i read this comment. Fake on a prank video= she was in on the joke which you just admitted to, which means that everyone was right. This was all they were saying, they weren’t saying that you drew it or something and it wasn’t real life, i never thought you would be so stupid to think that people think that it is a drawing and not real life. Everyone gets the joke but they’re just saying its a fake prank video not that its not in real life

  3. matikee says:

    I like how you can get shot for anything in America.

  4. Gonzbol says:

    What the hell did I just read….?

  5. foodismylifeyayy says:

    this comment had too much the words pick up in it that i got mindfucked.

  6. Michael Bavaro says:

    HASSY! you guys are fuckin’ great, If I see you on campus…bottle on me!

  7. Emre Kayseri says:

    lol you should do more of this… :p

  8. jackofalltrades165 says:

    What’s the opinion of America and President Obama down in Finland? I’m just curious.

  9. dan scotfield says:

    duh really??

  10. ZoomZip says:

    what university isthis?

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