Vote for your favorite trampoline fails of all-time to be included in the end of year Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and video. Leave a comment to let us know! What theme should we do next?


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45 Responses to “25 Best Trompoline Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall of Fame (July 2017)”

  1. jajajaajaaaa quien se invento esto 3:40 jajajajaja

  2. What do you call a trampoline that Trump had fun on?

    a TRUMPoline.

  3. I cant believe nobody is watching these vids BEFORE spending 200$ on a trampoline

  4. I LOVE BETHY!!!!!!!

  5. 2:10… that was one horny ass dog.

  6. 2:59 was the funniest in my opinion because of the laugh before it even started hahahah

  7. I just love tramampolines

  8. @2:02…the trampoline is worth more than the house next door….

  9. 0:40 and there was a netted trampoline next to you

  10. #18 is me while #19 is my best friend

  11. The washing machine did it the best

  12. Is it me or was the guy at the end Chris Farley? Sounded just like him.

  13. 3:16 stop childhood obesity!

  14. 2:07 best fail and humilation


  16. Finally a good FailArmy Vid.

  17. Personally, I found #2 to be the funniest (can't stop laughing at that ridiculous flip). They were all great though!

  18. trampoline be like

  19. Why a jumper is called a jumper if it doesn't jump?

  20. 14 was definitely the best

  21. It's not funny when somebody gets hurt

  22. Wait, was that grandad guy alright? He didn't respond or get up.

  23. 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12

  24. 2:53 that foot though

  25. 19 wins that was so funny omfg

  26. The number 14 guy is a fuckin cunt asshole the dog was helping him and he pushed it away such a cunt fuckin bitch

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