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14 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars!
Everyone loves having fun and jokes! So sit back, play our video and watch the new funny pranks collection! Prank your friends and enjoy holidays.

Supplies and tools:

• Flip-flops
• Scissors
• Knife
• Brown sugar
• Ziploc
• Hammer
• Soft drink
• Double layer lunch box
• Laminaria
• Green seaweed
• Sunscreen lip balm
• White chocolate
• Bowl
• Microwave
• Spoon
• Water
• Fridge
• Toy bug
• Smartphone
• Sandwich
• Plastic wrap
• Black and blue markers
• Salt shaker
• Paper napkin
• Thin clear tape
• Q-tip
• Nail polish
• Empty bottle of nail polish
• Piece of plastic
• Hot glue gun
• Double-sided tape
• Black gel food coloring
• Coin
• Sponge
• Big grapes
• Candy wrappers
• Colored paper stickers
• Mayonnaise
• Strawberry
• Brown chocolate
• Black pepper
• Empty bottle of nail polish remover
• Clear makeup remover
• Cotton pad
• Lamp with a bulb

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39 Responses to “18 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars!”

  1. I wanna fucking kill myself

  2. I hate your videos

  3. Snälla nån, man ser att ni är Svenskar ahahahahah

  4. how could u I LOVE STRABERRYS XD NUUU

  5. Troom Troom.. ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!

  6. I don't understand why people still make prank videos like I know it's funny but it just feels so over used in our days comment if you agree

  7. "Oh heck! My flip flops have torn!" Acting 10/10

  8. Nice job on one million subs Troom Troom 😀

  9. i like your videos $$$

  10. Fucking kill your self u fucking cunts

  11. tryed to do the pranks but failed

  12. 'Can you ever imagine a life without pranks?' No. I can't. ThatcherJoe will always be there with a good prank!


  14. Aveți laptop exact ca al meu

  15. More pranks please you are the best channel

  16. this was made on my birthday. cool

  17. I did prank my friend with those pranks i died XD

  18. Klicbait that wasn't funny

  19. O-on-one million subscribers!!!!!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!

  20. turkler nerede
    burdalarsa kanalima abone olabilirlermi?

  21. who would buy another pair of flip flops and just do that prank on her current ones or is it just me

  22. congrats on 1m subscribers
    I've been here since day 1
    and I knew you would make it top 1m
    you have great quality and great videos
    I love you

  23. "Ahha she wants it!"

  24. Yes like like funny

  25. I have the same computer

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