From Keyboard Decorations to Floating Office Space here are 17 Funniest Office Pranks Ever. Planting Office Seeds all around!

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8 – Mayo Filling
Another long week commuting back and forth in revolting traffic, all well, life goes on and hey at least there are doughnuts this morning. Psyche! Those confectionary glazed treats are really mayo filled harbingers of doom! All you need to do is purchase a box of yummy looking jam filled pastry doughnuts and use a turkey baster to squeeze out the cream filling and replace it with hideous warm mayo. If you lack a turkey baster, squeeze out the jam or cream filling of the doughnuts by hand, or better yet suck it out and eat it, next use a plastic ziplock bag with a hole at the end to pour in the mayo.

7 – Keyboard Decorations
Here’s a fun way to make typing more difficult for your chosen victim co-worker. Strategically placed stickers on keyboard keys will look really cute at first, but trying to type without knowing which keys are which will prove frustrating quickly and pulling off the adhesives can get messy. Colorful floral pattern tape is fun and easier to remove once the laughter has died down. Cheap stickers of cartoon characters are also cute and usually super hard to get off without the assistance of a razor blade, so chose your level of devious prank!

6 – Condiment Art
If you find yourself working in the astoundingly interesting world of fast food service you may also find yourself with occasional moments of unprecedented boredom. The cure for workday blues? A little creative artwork of course. Any sauce or plastic ensnared condiment container, especially those little rectangular boxes shaped ones, make perfect sculpture material pieces. Here’s a prime example of one clever McDonald’s worker who took it upon themselves to created a Star Wars inspired sauce art creation. Those At-At walkers look super awesome, especially the lasers made of straws! What a creative, fun way to confuse your co-workers!

5 – Caramel Apples
From that sad story of Snow White, you would think people would be more hesitant to accept an apple, but caramel apples are a yummy fall dessert so satisfyingly delicious it’s an offer most won’t be able to refuse. For some prank-filled fun, peel off the outer layer of the onions crunchy shells and clean them up good, next dip them in caramel with popsicle sticks attached to make up an April Fool’s delight. Imagine all that anticipation of a yummy apple confectionary treat only to be disappointed with a big mouth full of raw onion. Pranksters, you are welcome.

4 – Sticky Ride
Those colorful self-adhesive sticky notes can be found in desk drawers and office supply cabinets worldwide. These little handy dandy self-sticking notes can be more than just a way to spread rumours through the office or give necessary instructions to people who work alternating hours. Yup, turns out these colourful mats of notes which stick can be used to decorate co-worker’s vehicles to give them ultimate style and street cred. Just look at this colorful ride and all it took were a few bucks worth of colorful pads of sticky notes and about an hour of well-used break time.

3 – Floating Office Space
This prank takes a little time and effort to pull off, but the look of surprise on your co-worker or better yet, boss’s face will be well worth the tedious time spent lifting their desk into mid-air. For this feat of airborne comedy, bungee cords strapped to ceiling rafters and tightened up with thick metal industrial staples from staple guns work wonders. You may want to set your alarm a little early in order to pull off this really funny office prank.

2 – Sticky Fingers
Here’s a good simple prank which will have your whole office howling. First, dump out the solution which washes many ink-clad fingers at the office, it goes by the name of hand sanitizer and replace the compound with something funny like a really firm adhesive or a super slick lubricating jelly.

1 – Planting Office Seeds
This prank is definitely going to take some time and clever planning, but if you manage to pull it off, the look on your co-worker’s face will definitely be worth it. The best way to pull off this office trick is to wait for a coworker to go on vacation. Once their cubicle is left to rot as they enjoy their fun in the sun, take some wet paper towel and hammer out the indents for the keyboard keys, next add some seeds. Any plant seeds will do, but grass or weeds grow really fast and don’t require a lot of work to make them sprout and blossom. Once your co-worker returns from their vacation they will find a garden growing inside their keyboard. Gone for a week you say? Are you kidding? You were gone for ages, you really need to get your head examined!

42 Responses to “17 Funniest Office Pranks Ever”

  1. Did you get the gift rap idea from the office

  2. How do you spell Icup say it

  3. Every one say I then spell cup out loud

  4. You are stupid it isnt at at walkers its a t a t say that normal specking spead

  5. How do u spell ICUP 1:36

  6. If someone did the cheeto prank on me i would most likely ask for some coworkers to help me eat the cheetos

  7. put soda not vodka in the water cooler to make them confused

  8. how like how ro get arested and raped at jail

  9. 17 funny office pranks more like 17 ways to get fired

  10. that last one with the keyboard is brilliant

  11. It's pronounced ayteeAYtee, not AT AT.

  12. I tried the onion one at the school dance and….ummm….errmmmm… I was suspended for a week

  13. I remember the keyboard already.

  14. What is an at at?

  15. She said sike so weird

  16. These At At Walkers Lol

  17. What if someone brought there kids to work and gave them some of that (water) how would you feel.

  18. may i just say that i enjoy a joke as much as much as the next person, HOWEVER…  In my last job I was in the process of being diagnosed with brain cancer, and being put into the hospital for weeks at a time was REALLY pissing off various co-workers, who would then immediately file a complaint against me for failing to "show up" to work, even tho I had the time off on the books, had called in to work on time, had a doctor's note, was quite LITERALLY in the ICU, etc etc.  So, life was kind of a mine field at work.  If someone pulled a prank on me at work, I would not have taken it well.  I wouldn't have known who had done it or why, ESPECIALLY the last one, making plants grow in my keyboard, yeah.  Not good.  So, why not just be professional, and leave the pranking for your 2 year old.

  19. for number seven use duct tape or gorilla tape

  20. 17 different ways to get fired , sued , or arrested

  21. Number 6 she said at at, instead of saying the letter a then t the a then t again.

  22. What if a co worker is watching this right now

  23. Did she just say at at walkers

  24. that cheetos one is just the type of prank that makes this 2017 not the old fashion funnier pranks not the ones that make people think theyre in danger

  25. These are stupid, unfunny, and even dangerous. -1

  26. 10 is not really an office prank

  27. when you have to google things "at at walkers"

  28. (N.17) but what if they dont open the door all the way…

  29. We did the third one for our neighboring classroom in 9th grade

  30. O! Pan Tadeusz, polskie rzeczy my Polacy pijemy!

  31. Disappointed stake white kueyip nonprofit military writer well re opposite.

  32. i rether take the vegetables 0:47 then a Doughnuts

  33. #17 I find the "Door Horn Prank" to be funny, but it scares someone to death and then you are charged with manslaughter. #10 They use their wipers and drive off a cliff at 80 MPH and you spend 20 to life in prison, a real hoot. #11 Alcohol in the water cooler? really! that's a GREAT way to get FIRED. #3 The "Floating Office" is stupid, dangerous and could possibly be destructive to the ceiling, water lines, gas pipes, furniture, etc. Some of the others are funny but getting old, such as covering everything in Post-It-Notes. The more acceptable "pranks" would be #16, changing out the donuts for a veggie tray especially on April Fools Day, covering everything, (it must be everything) in Christmas wrapping paper, that is funny and still cool. Covering keyboards with hard to remove stickers or converting one to a planter is okay if an old or non-working one is used. A Cheetos prank would be a great prank at the White House. As for changing out mayo in place of sweet filling, caramel onions, etc could be considered illegal by State and or Federal laws. I know I know, but still.

  34. I would be soo pissed

  35. 2:19 i wont be mad if someone do this prank on me….I would even say thanks…

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